Walkers Guide service
Affordable Guided Oklahoma Hunting
I know how to treat my hunters and give them their moneys worth! 
Kelly Walker

Hello and welcome to our website. Im Kelly Walker and will be your host and guide on our hunts. We specialize in  dove hunting and waterfowl trips. I also have some fantastic high quality Oklahoma deer leases  available.

Most of our hunts are in the Owasso, Oklahoma area and are not physically demanding. All of our hunting is done on private land that I maintain throughout the year for a quality experience.

I offer a money back guarantee If you fail to get game on all my hunts. Your satisfaction is my number one goal.

Kelly Walker

Contact: Kelly Walker  918-694-2949
Email: Walkerhunts@gmail.commailto:Walkerhunts@gmail.com?subject=Message%20from%20Walkers%20Guide%20Serviceshapeimage_7_link_0